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    NSTwGL, won't connect to home wifi

      I've spent most of the night reading the info on how to get this to work. I finally gave up and used the 3g hotspot from my cell phone (cost $20). WOW, it worked like it's supposed to, no mac address crap, no router settings, no cycling the damn thing 81 times.


      This is the stupidest crap I've seen, how can you make it so difficult to connect to a network?!?!


      Granted, I don't need constant wifi access for my NST, but I pay for the friggin' internet at home, I should be able to do whatever I want with it.


      I am seeing version 1.1.5 from what I read, this is the latest?


      It's hard to tell if there's been any new advice regarding this KNOWN issue, so if anyone has any thoughts???


      It's a netgear modem and that's about all I know, it's my roommates, so I can't change settings and whatnot.


      If I know there is a clear cut way of fixing it, I will ask him.


      Is there any details you need from the router so that it might actually work?


      THanks and let me just say, I'm NOT impressed, I read Kindle has the same issues, and I don't want a kindle anyway (ads), I did my research and figured out what I wanted, now I WANT it to work!



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          I've had no issues at all with mine connecting to wifi.  At work on a Belkin, at home on a Zoom, and connecting to my cell phone all work perfect.  Without knowing how the router is setup, there are a lot of possibilities, MAC address filtering, security setting etc.


          What can you tell us about the network?  What kind of security does it use, does the SSID broadcast?  Tell us as much as you possibly can.

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            Can you give the specific model number that you have (the router)?  Also, can you see the SSID, just not connect to it, or can you not see the SSID on the nook at all?


            Also, any info you can get from your roommate on how the router is set up would help too (is it g, or g/n, or n-only?  Is it using MAC filtering? is it using WPA, WPA2, or WEP security?)

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              There are a myriad of issues that can crop up when having problems connecting to wi-fi.  If he doesn't have his SSID broadcast, then you will have to manually enter the SSID (it would show up as "other network" in the list)  Also, if it is secured, then you need the password he uses to connect, otherwise, you will run into issues.  


              Other than those two, any other problems connecting, you will have to be specific with the problem.  Does it just not see the wifi? If it sees it, what happens when you try to connect?