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    NOOK Daily Find

      Last week as I was doing my daily check of the  Books on the Knob blog, I noticed the "NOOK Daily Find" sidebar on the right. 


      I, at first, thought this was a specific blog feature Karen had developed to highlight a NOOKbook she would choose each day, but clicking the link took me to B&N, a page called "NOOK Daily Find.".


      I have checked out this page everyday since and have even bought a couple of the featured books.  Today's book is

      The Hemingses of Monticello 





      (Please forgive this post if I am simply behind the times with knowing about this NOOK Daily Find, but a search for this topic on the boards returned no hits.) 



      EDIT:  OK.  I feel a little stupid.  I just thought to do a check of the NOOKbooks homepage at B&N.  The NOOK Daily Find:  Today's Great Book at a Great Price is on the page--but burried about two-thirds of the way down.  I never browse books from the NOOKbooks homepge so I guess I had just never seen it.  :smileysurprised: