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    Short story collections: a great way to add variety to your reading list



       A Smile Through a Tear is a unique collection of 17 short stories, totaling about 82,000 words. This collection allows the reader to choose a funny story or a dramatic story, depending upon what they are in the mood for at any particular time.


      The book is divided into two parts. The first part (A Smile) is made up of stories aimed at the reader’s funny bone. The second part (Through a Tear) is composed of heavier, more serious tales. Together, the stories span a wide range of characters, voices, and settings.


      To read a complete sample story, use this URL: http://www.scottnagele.com/SmileSample.html


      There are a lot of wonderful short story collections out there that don’t get the attention they should. I hope others will add titles of short story collections they would like to mention to this discussion, so that readers who seek such works will have a place to find them.

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          Thanks Scott, I just downloaded the book and look forward to reading it.


          I love short stories and good flash fiction. It's the best choice for situations when I might not have the time to be engrossed in a longer tale, such as waiting at the doctor's office. These shorts also serve to break up the monotony when you don't feel like getting back to that epic tale just now, but still feel like reading something. They also keep me from reading cereal boxes at the breakfast table. :smileywink:


          Thank you for your endeavor, I like how you've separated it into "mood" sections.