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    Nook Simple Touch requires OMAP 3630 Driver, not available on Windows XP Pro SP3

      As per the title, we just plugged in a brand new Simple Touch given as a gift into the USB port of our computer.  The computer kicked into the mode of looking for software for "OMAP3630."  I let it try to install the software "automatically," and that failed, and the operating system suggested loading the software from a disk, which was not provided with the Nook. 


      We were able to get the Nook to hook up wirelessly to the computer and get to our B&N account.  I don't know why it needs OMAP3630 hardware compatibility.  Does anyone know why it looks for that?  I noticed several comments on this site about OMAP 3630, but all were in the area talking about the Nook Color.  I seem to be the first person to report a problem with the Nook Simple Touch.


      If the Simple Touch does need this hardware driver, then does anyone know where can I find the right driver for Windows XP Pro SP3?