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    problem downloading preordered book that is (supposed) to be out

      im reading the the Mythos academy series and the other day i bought the second one A Kiss of Frost (or so i thought) and went to read it on my nook android app and found out i had actually Preordered it (didnt tell me it was doing that) and it displays its icon on my library and everything, the authors website and b and n actually says it comes out today the 29th and it already has reviews on it to it obviously is out and downloadable buut my nook app is still telling me that it is not out yet when i click the download button on the book icon and ive gone to main page and archived it, unarchived it and trieed to download it and it still wont work.   HELP

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          oh and b and n already took the money off my gift card...

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            I had the same problem with a book released 12/6/11. I went to B&N and spoke to one of the nook customer service reps and they said you have to unarchive it on your "computer" and then "archive" on the nook. It is not your "Nook", it is a problem with the downloading on their end.  They are working on correcting the problem. I have the nook first edition and never had this problem. I just purchased the Nook Tablet on 11/16/11 and have had the problem with all books that I have preordered. The first time the archiving and unarchiving on the nook worked, but this one time, it did not work.  If you continue to have problems, either go to B&N or call customer service, personally going to the store makes me happier.