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    SOL with old pdb books? And what are supported file types?

      I fear I know the answer, but thought I'd post anyway. I've purchased a boatload of Fictionwise .pdb books long ago and was able to load them on my original nook (in fact, the nook's ability to read these books was why I favored it over the Kindle).


      I decided to purchase the nook (new b&w) because I like the idea of a dedicated e-reader, not a multi-use device. And the size, weight, and so forth.


      I can read the one Adobe digital edition book that I've purchased but the nook does not recognize the format of my older books. When I searched support, there is nothing about supported file types.


      So - does anyone know which file types are supported? And can someone please verify that I'm sol when it comes to the pdb books on my nook?