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    Nook android app has to reload every time I go back into app

      Hi. I've been using the Nook app on my android smartphone (Motorola Atrix 2) and every time I start the app, it takes a few seconds to load and then I have to choose which book I want to read. If I leave the app to go do something else like make a call or text someone and then go back into the Nook app, it's like it is reloading the app all over again because the Nook logo appears and then I have to click the book again to read it. On my husband's iPhone, I'm able to leave the app and when I click the Nook app again, it goes straight back into the book I was reading. My android phone never did this. It always has to "reload" the app and then I have to select the book to start reading it again. Is this normal behavior for all android devices or is it just my phone? Thanks. Vicki