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    NookforWeb issues - failed library, syncing

      It seems I have a couple of issues that I always run into when using Nook for Web.  I would rather use a Nook app on my windows phone 8, but that is a different story.  There are times when I open a book to read from my library on the web and the system won't recognize that I own the book, and will just give me a preview.  This has happened multiple times, and can get a bit annoying.


      When it does work, I'm happy.  It also actually remembers the last page I was one from my Simple Nook (Glow) at home.  Very nice.  However, my Nook at home never remembers what page I was on from the web. Never.  Note that the Nook at home is connected to WiFi, so that can't be the issue.  After some test scenarios, I deteremined that the web seems to only remember my last page when I 'back' out of the webpage.  Without backing out, even Nook for Web won't remember the last page.  Therefore, I make that my common practice now (though it would be nice if it always remembered the last page I viewed).  But even doing this, the Simple Nook has never altered the page, or let me know that another device has changed my page.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there some trick I need to provide to get this to work the way I think it should?