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    Orientation requires re-installation

      Any time my iPad re-orients the text, the app fails. I get a white screen with a spinning curser until my request times out or my iPad shuts off. I've tried disconnecting from the Internet and then reconnecting. Leaving the app does nothing. The only way I am able to stop the 'white screen in waiting' is to delete the app entirely and re-install it. It's very frustrating when this happens with just setting down my iPad or when it slips off my lap or just tilts funny for a moment.
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          I've had the same problem with an Ipad 2 and the new-ish update.  Open a book, go to your Aa button at the top right, click it, click more options, set justification to off, publisher defaults to off, and animate page turns to off.  You can leave two page landscape on if you want.  This cleared my problem up.  The book will still jump back a page if it changes orientation but I can deal with that.


          Hope that helps!