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    Side loaded EPUB does not show up in Nook My Documents section

      Hi all,


      Running Nook for Android, on my tablet computer. I have downloaded a file from the Internet Archives, and side loaded it in the NOOK/MyDocuments/BOOKS folder. I see it there just fine.


      Now, when I launch the Nook Andoid App, the items is nowhere to be seen.


      The title is "Lincoln and the Russians" and was was downloaded through the Internet Archives, from the University of Florida Collection. (I cannot seem to paste the URL to the page)


      I can open the .epub through both Overdrive Media (on the tablet) and Adobe Digital Editions (on the Windows computer). However, when I try and open the file on my tablet, with the Nook software, nothing happens.


      Any ideas on how to get to read the book through the Nook software vs. Overdrive? I'd rather use the former if possible.