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    Nook Reader for Android

      Same issue with Android as IOS.

      Unable to synch library, ensure internet connection. Unable to connect to servers.


      Logged out, and can not log in.

      Uninstalled and Reinstalled.


      Tried two different Android Devices, that DO HAVE internet connections.

      Tested on actually Nook Tablet no issues. Teid to contact Tech Support via phone, but for Android option automated system said use live chat on website (which is offline) and discconnected call.


      SO, is B&N blocking all external readers now since it's Apple and Android?



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          As of about 24 hours ago I also started having this issue.  I have found no response from B&N support on any of their forums although many customers are reporting the issue.  I guess if this is not resolved soon I'll be asking for a refund for all the books I have purchased but have not downloaded to read yet.  My Kindle app works fine so I have other options for book purchases.  B&N only offers email and chat support for the Android app and their chat support is currently not accessible due to "long response delay".