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    Question on Nook for PC and Backups


      Few Questions:


      When Nook for PC downloads books into it's folder on my hard drive (I do have the option checked to save them locally)...


      Then when I sync to BN servers, and it adds new books and removes books that are no longer available...


      Will the books I have downloaded still stay in that folder, even though they are no longer on the servers?  OR do I need to move them out of that folder in order to keep them?


      I do backup but just trying to be sure I'm doing it properly.  If I just backup that one folder - will it still include those "old" books?  Or do I need to keep that whole file somewhere else and add just the new books to it to keep it updated?


      Sorry if that's a bit confusing... but just trying to figure out how it works....


      Also... is there some way to backup the "enhanced" books... they do not download to Nook for PC and cannot be read on an e-ink device...


      I don't currently have any "tablet" device... so not many books (only a few I have picked up free)... but if I do get one and get more of those books... how do I back up those "enhanced" books?


      I am considering getting Calibre to back everything up but not really clear on how that all works... will that handle the "enhanced" books too? 


      What else do I need to know to properly use and backup my ebooks?








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          What books is it removing (ie no longer available) when you sync?


          Easiest thing to do is get calibre, import all your books into it, and  then just get in habit of importing new purchases into it. Then you dont have to worry about any book being removed. Its a great program. You can use it simply as a backup, or you can learn its organizational features etc.. (For the latter, go up to the HD forum, look for the TAGS on the right hand side. Then look for "calibre"within the tags.  compulsivereader has explored it a lot the last few months and explained how to get various features working. 


          Think of the "enhanced" books as apps that only work on tablets. Dont know of a way to back them up. But if you have one already, log onto your account from your pc. Once your in, theres a spot where you can view your content there too. Check and see if downloadable from there (will have a wierd name, numeric. Worth a try.) "PagePerfect"seem to be pdfs. Which "should be" downloadable as well (again, weird numeric name) But they might not be viewable on an eink device.


          Does that help?