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    Questions about Windows 8 App (using on a PC)

      I am a newbie to the Nook and am considering purchasing a new Nook HD since they are available at a good price, however I am "test riding", so to speak, the Nook as a book/magazine reader by using the Nook app for Windows 8 on my PC.  I have 2 questions for this specific app:


      1)  My favorite WW'ing mag is now offering digital versions and I am considering switching to digital once my print subscription runs out.  The mag. subscription is offered both through the Nook store and Zinio.  I'd like to be able to read the mag on my Nook HD (assuming I get one) and my PC.  I'd also like to be able to print off pages that have cutting diagrams and such, the magazine does allow this, at least through Zinio's subscription service, and I am able to do this using Zinio's Windows 7 app (I could not get their Win 8 App to print).  Under the assumption that the magazine publisher also allows printing of their magazine's pages when bought through the Nook store (I am going to purchase an issue to test this), will the Windows 8 app allow printing or do I have to get the windows 7 app for printing?


      2)  I assume that books and magazines purchased are downloaded locally to the computer, any idea of where to look to find where this folder is located?  I would like to be able to backup my Nook store purchases should my computer's HD fail. 




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          I have not had very good luck with magazines in the Nook app for Windows 7. The magazines that I have purchased will not even read in the Windows 7 app.  The text is there but not any pictures or diagrams at all. It is useless for crafting magazines. I have also not been able to get my magazines backed up to the computer.  I have not tried Windows 8 yet, but I do not think you can print from it either.  The Zinio app for Windows 7 will at least allow you to print, but I have not been able to figure out how to backup my Zinio magazines either. I do not like to rely on other companies (Barnes & Noble or Zinio) to keep my magazines for me. I want to keep them for myself.  


          So far, I have decided that I will purchase my craft magazines from the publisher in pdf format. That way I can print anything I want.


          Good luck.

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              Thank you for that.  Sounds like I will stick with Zinio, for now.  The only way I found to back up my magazine subscription with Zinio (at least a free sample issue they allowed me to get) is to print to a PDF, but you have to go one page at a time and it is slllloooowwww.  I have considered giving up subscribing altogether and just buy a year's worth on disc when it becomes available, but I am not sure I want to wait a  year and a half  or longer.  The magazine I am considering digitally subscribing to's most recent annual compilation disc was for the 2011 issues when I last checked, which was sometime in early April.  I don't know if they delay release for a year and a half or two years. 


              Like you, I don't like leaving my magazines in "cyberspace", I like to have a copy of them that I can readily access.  I love paper, but it's been a storage problem for a few years now.  That's why I am hoping digital will be the answer at some point.