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    Can no longer access my Nook Library from either PC or Android Device


      Right before the holiday, I started experiencing sync problems with my Android device (Pandigital SuperNova 8").  It would start to sync and then give an error message "Sync failed due to network error. To retry the sync later – Tap the B&N Library – then tap the refresh icon.”


      I am connected to WiFi when this error occurs.  I also do not understand the instructions given above, as when I tap the B&N Library, it automatically begins to sync with my account and I cannot get to the refresh button at all.  I am able to read the publications that I have already downloaded, however I cannot download any new content.  


      I did send an e-mail to Nook support but I have not received a response yet. I know they will probably tell me to do an uninstall/reinstall, but this tablet does not have access to the Android marketplace; therefore, I cannot download the B&N app from that source. It appears that the app cannot be directly downloaded from the B&N website either.  Pandigital is now bankrupt and their website no longer exists, therefore I cannot request help from them.


      In another little wrinkle, now I also cannot access my Nook library from Nook for PC.  The sync is failing there also.  I uninstalled Nook for PC and reinstalled the newer version - still nothing. 


      Any ideas from the Board would be appreciated.  As of now, I have no access to hundreds of dollars' worth of publications I have purchased from B&N, and I am a very, very unhappy camper.