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    Nook Kids App for Android

      There are posts on other boards about people looking for the Nook KIDS app on Android. This app exists for iPad but not for Android. I was wondering if any of the admins or moderators here had any insight into if/when that app may come online. There is a market out there for it and I'm sure there would be more people buying kids books if the app was also available for android phones and tablets.


      I would be willing to even pay for the app $4.99 sounds fare and that would offset the idea of B&N loosing money on me as a possible Nook HD buyer or something like that.

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          I am guessing there are no B&N techs watching the boards. There has not been any reasonable response to the question posted and it's been almost 2 years since iOs and iPad got the Nook KIDS app. Wondering why they don't want to get that app to android users? It must exist as they have it on the Nook Color and Nook HD and HD+. Would love to have it out on the Play store. I would even pay for the app.

          Please respond B&N and let us know you are working on it or there is no chance that it will come out.