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    Georgette Heyer Sale -- Most Titles $1.99


      In celebration of Georgette Heyer's 100th birthday, Sourcebooks is having a sale on her ebooks. Most of their Georgette Heyer ebooks are only $1.99. This includes her Regency romances, her mysteries, and her historicals.


      This list sorts Heyer ebooks by price. (The 99 cent title at the top is a public domain Heyer from another publisher.)



      There is more from the Sourcebooks site here:


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          You can narrow the search to only Sourcebooks titles by adding the word "Sourcebooks" to your search terms.  They do a good job of formatting, which most PubIt titles do not.  Or just click here and see if the URL for my search works for you:




          You can, however, get a nicely formatted FREE version of The Black Moth directly from the Girlebooks website (meaning you'll have to go to their website, download to your computer, and sideload to your Nook).  I prefer their free classics to Gutenberg's when they are available, since they seem to do a good job of formatting.


          I'm having a great time going through all these books...  It's so tempting to spend $100 (well, $90, since I already have a few of them) on ebooks this week, but I guess some restraint would be a good thing.  :smileyvery-happy: