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    Request: Night Mode or Invert Text Colors Please

      This is a request for the addition of a "Night Mode" or inverted text colors on both the Nook Color (nook tablet) and on the nook android app please.


      This is my most needed feature for the android app (and my nook color). I read in bed at night and my wife is bothered by the amount of light emitting from my android tablet while I read. I recently downloaded the Kindle app for my android and found that the Kindle app allows you to invert text so that you have a black background and white text. This setup is perfect for reading at night in bed.


      I do 90% of my reading in bed at night. Inverting the colors doesn't seem like it would be difficult to do for the nook app or the nook color.


      I own many, many nook books and want this feature please!!!! If it's not added soon I think I'll be purchasing all of my future ebooks on Kindle.


      Thank you for your time and consideration.