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    Opening epub file via Nook for PC

      I have a previously purchased epub file (not from BN) downloaded to my PC.  I have installed Nook for PC onto my desktop but cannot get it to open the epub file.  How can I get the Nook for PC to open the file?

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          1. Store the file in the folder within your "...\My Documents\My Barnes and Noble eBooks" folder that corresponds to the eMail address associated with your Barnes & Noble Nook Account.
          2. From the Nook for PC "my stuff" tab click the "ADD NEW ITEM" button on the application's  tool bar. Note that the button will not appear when you've selected any of other "my library" tab.
          3. Select the file you want to add and click the "Open" button on the resulting "Add File" dialog. In addition to making the file appear in your library list this may produce a duplicate of the file in your main "...eBooks" folder, but don't worry because this redundancy usually doesn't use much space on the large hard drives common for the last several years, especially compared to videos or high quality photo files.
          4. Please report back in this thread if you succeed or not.

          Applies to PC reader version, but also might apply to other versions

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            Having tried everything in this thread to no avail I tried one thing that seemed crazy but WORKED.

            Take all the books out of the Barnes and Noble folder for the Nook and put them elsewhere. Then go into the Nook and add things with nothing in the folder and it will let you add everything....it blows that you have to do them one at a time but it did work for me at least. Hope this helps for anyone still having the problem.

            Oh and you can delete the copies from where ever you moved them to cuz the Nook will copy them back into the Barnes and Noble folder......stupid I know but it got the job done.
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              Why can they not have a specific directory to drop the file in like for the e-readers and android apps?


              Adding 500+ drm free e-books is a PITA.


              We need more commonalithy in function across versions.