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    Book pages won't sync between 2 android apps

      I currently have 2 different android apps, my phone (HTC Thunderbolt) and my tablet ( Motorola Xoom ).  Both are 3.0.1 ( as per my understanding the newest version) However  when I read on my phone, go in 10 - 20 pages, then go to my tablet, the tablet won't be up to date with the pages that the phone is on.


      Both are connected to internet at all times.


      Any thoughts / suggestions?

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          I have a Droid HTC 2 and a Samsung GT 10.1 both sync without problems.  What I do is when I am finished reading on one device I close the book, return to the library and sync the library before exiting the program.  When I open the program on the other device I first make sure the library syncs before opening the book.  So far no problems it works not only between my android devices but also with my NC and N1E.