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    How do I organize my books?

      Was looking for a guide on how to use the app so that I can put my books onto shelves or into folders so that it will be easier to view everything.  I can't find a guide to help.  Can someone steer me in the right direction?  Much thanks!

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          Since there are reader versions for multiple computer operating systems (including tablets and phones) and they might not all have the same features you might benefit from identifying which reader application you are using (Windows, Macintosh, I-pad etc).


          I don't think the Windows reader application has such capabilities. While I'm not holding my breath, I believe some upgrade work by the development staff would be appropriate. Application spend money on e-books too, and tablets like the I-Pad are just as portable, although a bit bulkier, as the B&N color and tablet models. Netbooks are pretty portable as well. There are even some people don't mind reading on a desktop computer's display.

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            The short answer is -- you don't. Even though I have been a big Nook fan for the past year, they have finally turned me away from BN. I really want to remain a loyal customer, but the terrible quality of the iPad app has turned me off. My wife uses the 1st Ed. Nook and she may get a nook tablet, but I will be moving over to iBooks. I am not an apple fan, but the quality of the iBooks app is undeniable. The nook app is not in the same league with either iBooks or the kindle iPad app. I feel like BN has decided they don't really care about app users. So be it. My money spend everywhere.