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    Windows Phone 7 App

      Hi B&N,


      If you are going to continue to refuse to create a Windows Phone 7 app do you at least publish tech docs on how to connect to the Nook Service so some else can make the application? 



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          A Windows Phone 7 App would be wonderful.  I have no choice but to use Windows Phone 7 (phone provided by work) and it's silly for me to buy a device on my own jut for the Nook App.

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            Well, I want a Nook app for my Windows 7 phone. I have a Nook color and would like to access my books on both devices. I have been loyal to BN, but I have discovered the Kindle app for my Windows 7 phone. Seems ridiculous that I had to do that. I am not sure I will ever buy another reader because reading on my phone is so great.