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    Odd issue with B&N, Aldiko, and a new credit card...

      Those of you who use Aldiko or other reader may know that the username and password on B&N books is the name on the credit card, and the card number.  Well, I just downloaded a book that I had preordered.  Between ordering it and it being available, I changed the credit card that B&N uses for my account.  The result is that the user name is from the old card, but the number is from the new card.  Don't ask how many tried it took before I figured this out...:smileymad:


      I didn't have this issue with the two magazines that I subscribed to from before I changed the card that I downloaded yesterday.  I suspect that this means that they're being charged to the old card.  I'll have to check on that.

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          I have to clarify: the name on my new credit card is different than the old card, but when I told B&N to use the new one, I gave the name from the other card (or maybe they just used the old name, I don't remember).


          In any case, the name that B&N has for both credit cards is the same, so the mixup I implied above doesn't exist.  There is perhaps a mixup elsewhere, but not in the DRM itself.


          Sorry for the false alarm.  I didn't double-check my data before reporting.


          The recent charges for the preordered book and the magazines aren't listed online (why not?), so it's possible that the name mixup is screwing the charging somehow, but I haven't been notified.  I honestly don't know how closely anybody checks these things.