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    Nook classic VS Nook Color


      I am in college and have alot of time between classes to read but I don't have room in my bag for an extra book and my bookshelves are getting too crowded and I hate to pack books away, I like to display them. So thats why I turned to the Nooks. They are so thin that I can just slide them in between my books and notebooks. My problem is trying to decide what Nook to get, they both would be good for me the Classic one because of money and when I looked at the screen that compared the two it showed that this one got more wifi with at&t which is what my phone service is than the color, but the color would be helpful for when I babysit and the kids can read or play games on it. The only thing I am unsure about is the email option, I recieve my personal mail on my cell phone because it is easier, if any one can tell me if I can set up my school email on the Color I may be more likely to get it.


      If any one can help me decide or give me feedback on both of them it would be greatly appreciated!!


      Thanks! :smileyhappy:

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          I got the Nook Classic because of price, although I got it before the newest Nook came out.  I really like it.  Sure I don't have color, and I don't have emails set up on it, but my thought was I look at a computer screen, tv screen, phone or ipod screen for a majority of time in my day, so the screen of the Nook Classic would be best for me.  I am happy with my nook for the most part.  There are definitely things I'd like to change about it, but for now, it works for me. 


          Good luck to you!

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            I've had a Nook WiFi/3G since January 2010 and have read on it every day since then.  I'm not sure there's been a day where I haven't at least read for 1/2 hour.  I've never had any issues with it.


            I bought a Nook Simple Touch and took it back within a week.  I love the size, I love the touchscreen, I love the battery life.  


            Things I didn't like that made me take it back.


            No 3G

            I don't like the way shelves are maintained.  When editing the shelves I can't tell which shelf a book is already on.  If I want to move a book from one shelf to another (to be read to reading), it's cumbersome.  On the N1E I just got to the shelves function while on the book and move it from one shelf to another.

            I don't like the fact that the wish list on the N2E isn't synced with the wishlist on the website, like it is on N1E.  I don't want to have to maintain multiple wishlists.


            For me, the cons outweighed the negatives and the NookColor seems to have the same issues for me, along with a short battery life.


            I'm sticking with my N1E.

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              I have 2 Nooks myself.  I have the Nook WiFi, and I have had that since March 2010, and I just recently bought a Nook Color.  I didn't think I would like the Nook Color, but I do, but as several others have already said - it just depends on how, where and when you are going to use your Nook that YOU must decide.  I NEVER leave home without one of the NOOKS, and I agree with other comments that you HAVE to have things to protect it.  Even though I have an outside cover for my Nook WiFi, I also purchased a cover at B&N that both my lyra light, my Nook and backup light batteries would fit easily into.  Did I need the extra protection besides the cover - I felt I did because I kept getting dirt, food particles or who knows what between the top cover and NOOK and I was worried about damaging it.  Yes, I have a screen protector on both screens - and I'm just a little (LOL) OCD about protecting my electronics.  My name is Koni and I am a Geek.  LOL


              Like other posts before this, I have had NO trouble at all with my Nooks.  I purchased my Nook WiFi at B&N, and other than needing help getting a download problem fixed (needed to delete library and re-download all books) on my husband's Nook, that is the only problem.  At the end of the day, you need to determine what reading environment you use the most.  Always spend some time on these boards and blogs, as there are tricks, solutions, freebies and friendships to be had.  I love both of my Nooks, but right now I'm using my Nook Color - as the unit has such 'freshness' to all the graphics.  Oh, another secret to the Nooks (although I only know about the two kinds that I have), you yourself can replace the battery on the Nook WiFi, but the Nook Color has to be sent in (or so I was told).  Both of my Nooks I can add memory to them (which I have), as I seem to have developed this 'hoarding' problem of collecting free books.  And now like a frequent postor has at the bottom of each post - (not quoted) ...... and now may have the time to read all of the books.  With appx. 800 books, I TOTALLY resemble that comment!!!  LOL  good luck, and let us know which one you choose.