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    Nook for Android not working on N2A card


      Let me begin by admitting that I have no idea what version of the Nook for Android app I am running.  How do I find that out?


      Here's my situation:


      Since installing the N2A SD card a couple of months ago, the NOOK app has always been slow to download and/or sync--painfully slow--and I have always had to turn on WiFi to open any book, even the most recent book that I have been reading.  After finally opening a particular book, however, the app worked fine.


      Last week, the app became almost impossible to use.  Even with Wifi on, the app itself sometimes refuses to open.  If it opens and I FINALLY get my library to appear, no book will open.  I get an error message and the app closes.


      Is this happening to others?  Do I need to wait for/download an update?  How do I do that?  As you have probably guessed, I am not a savvy Android user.  Any help is appreciated!