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    It doesn't sound like a bargain, but...

      Dominance by Will Lavender is only $8.99, even though it came out in hardcover this month. His previous novel, Obedience, is $9.99 as a Nook Book, even though it is a trade paperback. Both are literary thrillers set on college campuses. I'd be interested in hearing opinions as reviews are all over the place. Some people claim that they're closer to pot boilers than literary thrillers -- but I like my thrillers more potboilery than literary. Unfortunately some reviewers say you really should read Obedience first because some of the same people show up in Dominance, even though the cover, PW and Kirkus reviews, etc. don't mention this.


      Anyway, just in case, I'm buying Obedience first. :smileytongue: I just edited a long article reviewing case studies of some kind of ocular condition, and I needed a treat without calories.