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    Nook for Mac App v3.0.0fc9774

      I used to have the old BN ereader for mac downloaded in Jan.2011 V1.1, recently I tried to use for the first time with all my downloaded BN ebook from my online account. I could only open offline the sample and free books downloaded not my purchased books because the unlock would not work. So I was told by support to uninstall the older Nook for Mac App ereader, dump all the downloaded ebooks and start again. I did, signed onto my BN acct on line, downloaded the Nook for Mac App. Signed off and went to the Nook for Mac App icon on my computer, pressed it, it opened a window asking me to sign onto my acct, I did that and the App opened my BN acct. I selected my library and redownloaded all my books, signed off my BN acct via the Nook for Mac App on the left hand bottom corner, and then got offline/off the internet. Then opened my Nook for Mac App to read my downloaded books and it asked me again to sign onto my acct. in order to read my books I must be online and it redownloads my books everytime if I sign on thru this App. So I turned off my wi-fi to make sure I was offline, and opened the Nook for Mac app, asks again to sign on, no option to open any books offline in any folders on my computer. So I go to my computer BN folder of downloaded ebks and try to open one, it opens in the Nook for Mac App but give me different error messages: sorry we are unable to open this book, or the book u are trying to read could not be found or it tells me I have to have an internet connection to open my books with the this App. Someone help ! I have been getting advice from 4 different BN support reps, some say start again, others say the Mac App does not have offline option to read my downloaded BN Ebooks, or to open the Mac App again sign onto my acct, redownload my books but do not sign off the App instead disconnect from the internet by my computer and then read my book. Does not work BTW. Anyone ? I cannot find any info on these boards or FAQ about this Nook for Mac App v3.0.0 to lead me in any direction...HELP !