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    Nook for iPhone 2.1.1 - unable to scroll to delete books if books have "LendMe" option available

      Hello, I've noticed a bug in the iPhone Nook reader app in the past couple of revisions - hopefully there are some software engineers who monitor this board to assess.


      I've purchased quite a few e-books from the "B&N Classics" series, many of which feature the "LendMe" option.


      If one wishes to delete a downloaded book from the iPhone/iPod Touch (press and hold in Library) that has "LendMe" available, the user cannot scroll down far enough to access the "Remove from device" option if the iPhone/iPod is in portrait orientation.


      In landscape orientation, you can scroll further down to see the "Remove from device" option - however, letting go will cause the screen to immediately snap back up again to hide the option before having the opportunity to select "Remove from device".


      Again, I've noticed this behavior only occurring when the e-book has the "LendMe" option available, as the button to lend the book encompasses the space where the "Remove from device" button is visible for non-lendable titles.


      Has anyone else noticed this behavior?  The only recourse one has (at the moment) is to completely remove the Nook app from the iPhone, then reinstall.