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    Motorola Xoom tablet

      I have recently started using the NOOK app on my Motorola Xoom and have found that it crashes very often. It seems to be mostly when I hit the back button. I was in my library once and hit the back button that resulted in a Force Close. Also, I have been reading a book and hit the back button which also resulted in a Force Close. I was hoping the recent update to Android 3.0.1 might help but it hasn't made a difference.

      Also, should I be able to read my NOOKmagazine subscriptions on my android tablet. After reading the FAQ on this site, under the NOOKmagazine section, I was lead to believe that I should be able to...

      "How does delivery to my NOOK app work?

      New issues of NOOKmagazines and NOOKnewspapers appear in your NOOK Library on BN.com when the print editions are published. You can download the latest issue from your NOOK Library into your NOOK app.

      Your NOOK Library will store the latest issues of your NOOKnewspapers and NOOKmagazines, as well as any saved issues, for re-download to your nook or NOOK app."
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          I have the same issue, and primarily with a few ebooks. I have a couple that seem to work, but most error out when opened.


          For the books that do work, the experience is decent. Last-page read and annotations/bookmarks sync (although they don't actually display in the PC version), and I can read through the books without issue.


          Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Reading on the Xoom is huge for me, and I'd rather stick with Nookbooks...