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    Nook for Android App Page maneuvering problems


      Good evening.


      Today while out and about I set up and began to use the Nook App for Android on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. Pretty sweet to look read with.(Hope my Nook isn't upset but I needed some variety in my life LOL)


      I began by reading one on the L Ron Hubbar Pulp fiction books in my library and thought it was really neat when a word of the era was hyperlinked and I could just click it to be taken to a dictionary with the definition of said word.


      But the problem was when I hit the back button I could not go back to the page I was reading. I played around some more with getting around in the book and had some more issues getting around.


      Are there some standard instructions around for this app that I could review or someplace else I can go for help?



      BTW I  wonder why the link to these forums is no longer on the home page of the B&N site -- or am I missing something.Took me a while to get here to post.