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    Nook PC Closing the program.

      When I try to close the Nook on my PC I get the following error message: We are sorry but this Barnes and Noble application has encountered a problem and needs to close (Code: 008). Would you like to restart the application.


      I have reinstalled the program and that does not seem to have had any success. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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          I get the same thing when I am just changing to another page. It encounters a problem and shuts down. I can have it re-start but when I go back to the page I was reading and then start to flip through the pages, it shuts down again!


          Isn't therre any tech support out there from B&N to solve this issue??

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              I just tried something... I have dual monitors where I have my laptop and connected a second monitor. I moved the nook app to the remote monitor and this problem began. So, I moved the nook app back to my laptop and now it works and so far has not shut down.


              If you have the nook application running on a remote monitor, that may be the cause. I will post again if I re-incounter this problem from my laptop.