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    iPad NOOKBook experience and enhancement recommendations

      Feedback on iPad NOOK App, refer to CASE # 17753685


      To the product development team,

      After 2 long waits to speak with the BN digital support, I felt compelled to
      provide some enhancement requests for the iPad NOOK app:

      1. The steps on purchasing a book and downloaded can not be found anywhere. 
      Please published an iPad NOOK App user manual, the process is not intuitive.

      2. When purchasing an ebook and then attempting to download, the NOOK app
      sometimes locks up and the book will not download.  The tech on the phone
      support advised me to "log off" of the app and "log in" again and then the
      library will "sync".  That seems to work; however, it caused 2 other issues: 
                  (1) all previously downloaded books must be downloaded again; (this
                          makes no sense to the user.  Another tech explain to me that is the
                          way the app is designed:  to "reset" and delete all previously 
                          downloaded books.  Again, this makes no sense to a user.  (could not imagine

                          if Apple iTunes required the use to constantly "re-download" music all of the time.

                   (2) after re-downloading the book, any bookmark is lost; however, any text that has
                           been highlight remains.  Clearly, something is wrong.  One would get the 
                           impression that the book is actually still in the memory of the iPad, only the 
                           NOOK app did not recognize it until the book was "re-downloaded".  Why would

                           the app be designed to "delete" all books each time the app is closed?

      Jhe (from the Technical support help desk in the Philippines) was very helpful.