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    Nook for PC apps insists on displaying two pages

      As a software developer I'm using two monitors setup: I read development books on a smaller monitor placed in a portrait position and write/debug programms on a main landscape-oriented monitor.

      But Nook for PC does not allow this natural setup to work: it insists on displaying two pages, which is impossible to properly place in a portrait mode of monitor.

      That's really strange, it should be really easy for Nook for PC developers to add an option of displaying one page. But fo rnow I'm forced to find Kindle editions instead, because Kindle for PC does display one page.

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          Is it one particular NOOKbook you are referring to...?  What is the title/EAN?  Is this the case with multiple NOOKbooks?  If you can supply us with screenshots it would be greatly appreciated.

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              I was speaking about DRM-free EPUB file which I added to my Nook for PC. But the same thing happens to any NOOKbook as far as I can see.


              Now I've just discovered kind of workaround: if a left navigational pane is displayed, narrowing Nook for PC window does actually cause it switch to one-page display mode (nookpc-onepage.png). Hurray!


              However, it's enough to hide left pane for Nook to switch back to two-page display mode (nookpc-twopages.png). And application does not allow to narrow window to switch to one-page display mode. It feels like a bug.


              Please see attached screenshots.