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    Nook app for ViewSonic G-Tablet?


      I received a ViewSonic G-Tablet (Android platform) as a gift but there is no Nook app in their store. I'm sort of new to this app business. Can I download one from somewhere else or does it specifically have to be compatible for this device? Are there plans to put one in their store?


      I read that some people got it in by rooting, but I have no idea what that means. Thanks!

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          I'm not familiar with that tablet, but there is a nook for android app on the B&N site here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/nook-for-android/379002287/?cds2Pid=35700


          Can your device navigate to that site and download it?


          Oh, and rooting means to get into (break into) the operating system, which generally voids any warranty on your device.  It's not for the casual user, or the faint of heart.  :smileytongue:  When someone goes through the rooting process, they can program the device to do whatever they want (or have the ability to do).  It's not something I want to mess with personally, but it's interesting to see others suceed at it.

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            According to the website (here) you go to the Android Marketplace on your "phone" (tablet) and search for "NOOK"


            and get the app there.



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                The Nook app doesn't show up in the Android store if you using a tablet (neither does the Kindle app).


                I've seen the same problem on the Cruz Tablet from Velocity Micro.


                The easiest way to do it is to have a friend with an Android phone download the app and then give it to you.


                You may have to enable the option to install apps from any source.


                Good luck.

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                    Thanks, everyone. I am faint of heart, so I won't try rooting. I have Nook in my Android phone so I'll figure out how to get that into my tablet. I have a Nook, but I like that app in everything so I always have my books around!

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                        Did you figure out how to use your phone to get the app into the tablet?

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                            Do yourself a favor.  Go to xda-developers.com or slatedroid.com and look in the custom ROM/fw/development sections of the Viewsonic gTablet subforums.


                            Read about flashing your gtab(better figure out how to nvflash as well just in case), install one of the custom recoveries, and then install a custom firmware with market already ready to go(requires a simple hack to get nearly complete market access).


                            Actually the gTab's been around for so long now that there are some versions of custom firmware that can just be installed by using the stock updating method depending on which custom firmware is appealing to you.  There's even one that leaves stock firmware as is but adds google's apps(and market but still requires simple hack to get more complete access) and updated nVidia drivers.  (Most of the other mods are either just plain open platform froyo based, cyanogenmod based, or based on firmwares from other similar tablets e.g. Notion Ink Adam, Advent Vega, etc.)


                            IF you just want to install the app from a phone one way to do it is by using Titanium Backup to backup the apps wanted, then restore on the gTab.  There should be some tutorials or maybe in the FAQ at xda-developers in the genral subforum of the Viewsonic gTablet forum IIRC.


                            (I'm running "Mountain Laurel" (IIRC that's what roebeet calls it now) which is available through slatedroid, but it's a bit trickier to install properly so I don't recommend a newb trying it.)

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                          Once my friend downloads the app on their phone, how to I put it on the tablet? I am very new to this app business as well.