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    The Official OT Free NOOKbook summary thread

      OK, so here it is for anyone who wants to post anything related to any of the free books that are provided by all of the wonderful contributers in the  "Free NOOKbook summary thread - please no OT" thread.  This includes posts that:

      • Thank posters for posting a free title
      • Clarify that a posted title is a Smashwords book
      • Provide a review of a posted title
      • Include any information other than identifying a free nook book

      C'mon, let's keep Doug's thread just for the posting of free books, so that when we see a new post is available that we are assured that it is for a book and not someone's ramblings about something else.  If you need to provide any comment on anything posted there, kindly use this thread or start a separate one.

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          I didn't really think that creating this thread would keep unnecessary traffic off the fee nook book thread, but I was truly hopeful.  Alas and alak, it did not work and we continue to get OT posts made over there.



          Oh well. I tried.

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            Maybe try changing the title to something like "Free NOOKbook comments thread" or "Comments regarding the Free NOOKbook thread go here"?  When I just quickly glanced at the title I though this was a return of another Free NOOKbook thread that kind of got started a few months ago and was quickly killed since everyone wanted to keep using Doug's original thread.

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              Oh well for wishfull thinking!


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                Didn't know if ya'll knew it or not but Smashwords is having some kind of "sale". You can click the code with the 100% and find the books that authors have offered for FREE. Grab them if they look good then delete if not....nothing lost.


                I have a FB group called Nook and Kindle Deals where we post Free stuff and any kind of deals we can find. We would love it if you guys came over and joined us. No bickering and everyone gets along. April from Cheap Ereads and Kristy Haining is in our group too.

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                  Good grief!!  Some of you need to get a life, get a job, volunteer somewhere to help your local community or something because it seems you have a lot of free time on your hands if you have this much time to bicker about the rules on a free, public forum about how to post about free books.


                  I, for one, appreciate all free books that are posted, Smashwords or otherwise.  If the title intrigues me, I check it out, read the description, read the reviews and decide to download it or not.  It is really that simple.  I have found several good books and authors, including Smashwords titles, that I would never had found if not for the free book thread.  I've only had my Nook since January and have tons of free books thanks to the thread.


                  I'll admit sometimes I get disappointed when I check the forum and there seems to be alot of new posts in the thread and then they turn out to be OT posts. But it only takes a few minutes to scroll through them and move on.  The sheer nastiness of some of the posters who chastise users for making posts they disagree with is astounding.  As a new user, I would have been turned off along time ago if I didn't have a thick skin and was familiar with how nasty people can be on the web when they can be anonymous.  If you wouldn't treat someone that way face-to-face, what makes it okay to say those things online?


                  Consider this, the NOOK appeals to book lovers of all ages.  I would imagine that many users are not internet saavy and don't know all the ins/outs and acronyms of posting on a forum.  Cut them some slack as they just want to help and be part of the community not chastized, made to feel inferior and chased away.


                  I say give it a rest already.  Just appreciate the efforts that people are trying to make, if the post is OT or the book doesn't appeal to you then move on. It is really that simple.


                  Now I think I will go read one of the many free books I have on my NOOK thanks to the contributors to the free book thread.  It might even be a great Smashwords title that I would have missed out on if not for someone "breaking the rules" and posting it.


                  All comments posted here are, of course, IMHO.


                  Happy Reading!



                  So many great books. so little time.

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                    just thought I would bump this back to the top before things get carried away on the Free Book Thread.

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                      bga_reviews wrote:

                      I'm sorry to be OT on this, but this is a book from the Google Digital Library scans, and can not be downloaded to any of the Nook eReaders, just the Nook desktop applications.  All of the books with this description are from Google Books, in the public domain, and free.  Please don't clutter this discussion with these books.


                      All free Google ebooks can be downloaded as epubs and sideloaded to ones Nook.


                      I'm not sure where you got your information that they could only be downloaded to the Nook desktop applications.  Besides the book Kathylcsw linked to was a B&N version, and which can be downloaded to a nook (& doesn't even need to be sideloaded).


                      Also, I don't consider posting about one book to be 'cluttering the discussion'

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                        I didn't try to sideload the book, but I tried to download it directly to each of the three Nook eReaders, unsuccessfully, before posting my OT comment.  Each time I selected download, it would pause for a moment or two and then go back to showing the Download option. I'll try sideloading one of them tonight. Even so, I think the point of that Free Nookbook thread is to alert readers to free for a limited time Nookbooks, and not point out people's favorite public domain, always free, Google Books.  I'm sorry if I'm rude for pointing out that there are difficulties downloading these books to Nook eReaders, and asking somewhat politely (I did say "please") to not post them to the list because they are always free. 

                        • 10. Question for Pinky on Today's 20 Free Classics Post



                          I was originally going to post a reply to you on the Free NOOKBook thread, but then I decided it might be OT and moved my reply here.


                          This is really strange.  I had gotten all of the free B&N Classics when they did the promotion, and I keep a spreadsheet of all of the books on my NOOK, so I originally just downloaded today those I didn't already have.  When I saw your comment about the site allowing you to download again some of the books you already had, I looked at my spreadsheet (which also lists the ISBN-13 number).  The ISBN-13 numbers of the books on today's 20 free classics list all begin with 294, when last year's files all began with 978.  The 978 versions are showing as $3.99, yet the covers and descriptions on the site look identical.


                          I'm not where I can open both files on my NOOK to compare, but I would be interested in your comparing your previous version to the version newly free today and letting us know if they are identical.  Thanks in advance if you have time and can answer!

                          • 11. Re: Question for Pinky on Today's 20 Free Classics Post

                            First of all thanks Pinky for finding those - I like B&N classics a lot.


                            BrandieC: Similarly to you I thought I already had all those in my library as well. Typically when you add a book you already own (but dont keep track) the system will tell you that you already own it, EXCEPT when you moved the original ebook to archive then you are able to "buy" the book again to the main folder. Kind of weird. Perhaps the implication is also that you can loan it twice - once from archive once from main folder - I didnt test this.


                            978 is the proper prefix for eISBN. 294 I think is B&N's creation, I thought I saw someone say that 294 ebooks are not DRM'd but I didnt check it on my own.


                            Anyways I hope those newly free classics wont misteriously disappear from my library.

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                              spec wrote:


                              978 is the proper prefix for eISBN. 294 I think is B&N's creation, I thought I saw someone say that 294 ebooks are not DRM'd but I didnt check it on my own.

                              The 294 is used when the e-book doesn't have an ISBN. There's really no reason for an e-book to have an ISBN, since it's not something that's going to be back-ordered. Well, librarians might disagree, because some of them are accustomed to using ISBNs as title identifiers.


                              Amazon doesn't publish ISBN information on e-books; I doubt that their Kindle-format e-books even have ISBNs. For some reason, Apple and Sony require ISBNs on all e-books they carry, which is probably the main reason to get an ISBN for an e-book. The other reason is so that the sales will be tracked by Nielsen and Bowker — although if the sales aren't very good, you'd probably rather that they not be broadcast to the publishing world.

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                                Is it possible the duplicates are in different format?  Please don't ask which ones (I don't have the patience to go through all of them), but I have some that aren't compatible with the NC.  They worked fine on my 3G/Wi-Fi nook but when I got my NC and tried to open a few of them it said the file format was not supported.

                                • 14. Answering question for Pinky on Today's 20 Free Classics Post

                                  @ BrandieC,


                                  I'm sorry, I wan't home today to be able to answer your question.  


                                  I looked at both books and they seem to be the same book.  The only difference I see is the ones I had downloaded before were .pdb files and these are .epub.  I also think that it is just because of the ISBN number situation.


                                  @ spec,


                                  Thank you for the kudo's, but they do not go to me.   booklover128 found all of those great classics, I just compiled a list of them.


                                  @ Doug,


                                  Thanks for answering questions for everyone and helping out!


                                  @ Nevermore1,


                                  The books I downloaded the first time they were free are .pdb files and these seem to be .epub files.  Other than that they seem the same other than the ISBN numbers.


                                  Have a good night everyone,


                                  Pinky :smileyhappy:

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