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    Some people like lawyers...some people hate them. Here are 2 Thrillers for both sides.

      Hello Readers,


      Some people like lawyers…some people hate them. My latest Thriller, The Shrunken Head Murders, is a gruesome story about the latter. Amy Strong, an attorney with a prestigious law firm, is found dead. Not only was she strangled, her mouth was sewn shut like the mouth of a shrunken head. Regardless of the fact that the killer has only murdered a lawyer, Detective Tom Brikler is required to stop the Shrunken Head Killer before another attorney is brutally murdered and mutilated.


      My first Thriller, Defending Evil addresses the moral dilemma faced by Criminal Defense Attorneys – should they try to win an acquittals for clients they know are guilty. Travis Knight is driven to win acquittals for his murdering clients, which angers a very righteous vigilante. The vigilante decides to execute those recently acquitted murders and then turns to the source. Travis is given an ultimatum; stop defending the guilty or die.


      I hope you will find my stories entertaining.


      Charles Shea - Author of The Shrunken Head Murders and Defending Evil