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    B&N App. for Ipod Touch not updating....


      I'm out of state traveling and brought my ipod touch with me. Didn't bring my Nook since I'm traveling extremely light. I purchased a couple of books and also some free ebooks, but for some reason my B&N app will not update. It seems that anything I purchased after Oct. 19th will not update on my ipod touch. I'm not home to see if it will update on my nook or PC, but I've never had this happen before. I have a strong wifi signal (at the B&N store I visited and the Apple store), the little spinny thing on the app. turns like it usually does when updating, but no downloads of any purchases. I do not get an error message and I can tap the "Shop for ebooks" or "my account" and it will go to the store without a problem, so I know the wifi connection is working. I tried my Amazon app and it synched just fine, so it's not the ipod.

      Any thoughts or suggestions? Like I said, I'm traveling, so I don't have the advantage of being at my house to check my desktop app or nook for dowload problems. And this just happened recently. My last purchases of Oct. 19th downloaded just fine on the ipod.

      Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


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          Same thing happened to me. I downloaded a book over the weekend but can't download the one I bought on Tuesday.  Is it because I am using the old BN app?

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              You are likely using the old version of our iPhone app.

              Try this....Nook for iPhone.

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                  I was under the impression that we would be allowed to continue using the old reader.  What happened?

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                    I do not like the NOOK application for my iPod.  Reading is not as fluid, and the pages look horrible.  If I am spending my money in your store, I should be allowed to have access with ANY of your applications.  B&N should have sent out a statement that the BN Ereader app would no longer be of service. GREATLY disappointed...this may very well change my mind about purchasing the NookColor...with as much money as I spend on books through B&N, it would be very nice to actually be able to read them.

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                        B&N is no longer supporting the B&N ereader application for any technology, the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad...  They are forcing the nook app on us all.  


                        I went to download a new book I bought yesterday to my B&N ereader on my iPod and I couldn't get the app to download it.  After trying several geek tricks I was forced to call B&N tech support.  The tech support group couldn't get it to work either.  I told them that it wouldn't even let me sign in.  I asked if they are still supporting the B&N ereader now that nook is out and they couldn't answer my question.  I asked them what kind of tech support group was this, they had no answers for any of the issues I questioned.  


                        Finally I spoke to a supervisor and asked if they were no longer supporting the ereader app and he said (after I just about put the words in his mouth) that they are only supporting and allowing the nook application to download newly purchased books.  Poor tech support and a poor application, sorry mix.


                        I asked if there was another reader I could use (for my ipod touch) and told them how much I HATE the nook app, due to it constantly crashing (not to mention other issues) and they said no, because of their pdb format you can only read on nook.  NOT true, you can add all of your books to the Stanza ereader (for iPod, I don't know about other items) and read them just fine.  You can customize it any way you choose and it run great!!!  It will ask you the first time to put in the credit card info you used to purchase the book, it won't charge you twice, just the original purchase you made through B&N.  This is one person who will not be forced to use their crappy app.


                        For the desktop I still use the B&N ereader, I just download the books from the website and pull them up in the B&N ereader  I still refuse to use the nook application, there is nothing that I like about it.  And like many others, once my gift card runs out, will no longer be a B&N customer.


                        Sign me Frustrated,


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                        I have the nook app but much prefer the older BN app.  Please restore the functionality to the BN app.