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    Nook for Droid

      Hi- First off love the app :smileyhappy:


      Second- wondering why it is such a resource hog... coming in at using 14 megs of memory??

      I know the books are stored on the SD card so what is the app so BIG for?



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          I am unable to bookmark my epub files on the  nook app for android phones.

          is this a bug? If so, will this be fixed in the near future? Am I doing somehting wrong?


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              While reading a book, every page will have a + in the top right corner of the page.  You can see it on the third phone here (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/nook-for-android/379002287/?).


              If a user clicks on that top right corner, it will add a bookmark.


              Please let me know if you are still unable to bookmark.

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                Right now, bookmarks are not supported for side loaded documents.  We wanted to get the side loading feature out to users as quickly as possible and continue to improve on it.  You should see bookmarking in an upcoming update for NOOK for Android

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                    i had just decided to try out this software since ihad gotten a new android  phone. so far loving it, will be looking forward to not needing to thumb through my entire book to find my place lol.

                     still considering buying the wifi nook. any timeframe when we might see this update?

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                      Thanks, that's good to hear bookmarks are coming soon for sideloaded epubs. 


                      I have a couple other questions about the nook for android app and sideloaded ebooks:


                      1. How do you delete a sideloaded ebook from the app?  I couldn't find how to do this in the app, and if I delete the epub file from the "My Documents" folder, the deleted ebook continues to show  up in the app.

                      2. Whenever I open a sideloaded ebook, it always goes to page 1.  Is there a way to open to the last page that was read?

                      3. Does (or will) the nook for Android app support sideloading DRM-protected epub ebooks (e.g., ebooks on loan from a library)?


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                          Brooksse, sorry but I don't know the answers to any of your questions.  I think that not being able to delete sideloaded books just cropped up in the last version.  I know that I was previously able to delete the books.

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                              Update on my previous post:  Just found that if you log off and re-log on to your account from the Android Nook, it will recognize that you have deleted files from you MyDocuments folder on the phone.

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                        Given all the reading customization we want to offer to users (line spacing, margins, font size, type, etc) and advanced features that we are working on like lending, highlighting, dictionary, etc, it may be some time before we can make the app smaller.


                        But we agree with the you that the file size of the application is large and are working hard to decrease the file size in future updates.  In fact, our last update reduced the file size by about 1 MB, but our team realizes we still have a long way to go.

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                          With the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, does anyone know if I would be able to run the Nook Android app on one? I would assume so, because I saw somewhere that the AT&T version will come pre-loaded with the Nook app.


                          My wife just got a nook, and it would be nice, if I were to get a Galaxy Tab, to be able to share a library of books with her...