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    iphone app installed but books wont download

      I bought a Textbook and put it on my computer but when I try to download it to my ipod it says "we're sorry. An unknown server error has occurred. Please try your download again later." so I thought it was just that book but it does it to all books and will not let me put any on my ipod. So far I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app, signing out then back in, reformatting my device to factory. Nothing seems to be working. If someone could please give me an idea to get my book on there I will be very happy.

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          Has anyone found a solution to this problem.  I recently downloaded a book for my Mac and then downloaded the Nook app for my iPhone.  I can see the book in my library but can't download it.  Every time I try I get "We're sorry.  An unknown server error has occurred.  Please try your download again later."

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            I have been having the same problems with my ipad. I am not trying to download a text book but i still get the server error. I am really annoyed. 

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                On your iPad go to Settings then do the following:

                Tap on WiFi

                Go to the Network with the Check mark which indicates your active connection and tap on the blue and white arrow on the right.

                Tap on Forget this Network.

                Then tap on Forget.


                Then go back to the WiFi Networks and tap on the Network you chose to forget.


                This should fix your server connection issue.

                  • Book won't download on iPad

                    Hello Michael,


                    I saw it looked like you were offering some sort of support with this error issue. I bought a book specifically to download to my iPad to use in class tomorrow for an exam. The book downloaded onto my desktop and my macbook, but everytime I click download on the book in my nook library on iPad I keep getting the Error try again. So far I've reinstalled the Nook application, restarted my ipad, signed in and out.. nothing is working. Other books like the Nook suggestions download just fine.. just the book I paid for won't download. I don't know what to do.. I'm kinda pressed for time. The book is The Essentials of Contemporary Management. Please any help would be greatly appreciated, if not I really feel like I just wasted $88 or so.


                    Thank you for your time.

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                        I hope they come out with a "fix" for this, as their "solution" is not for everyone, and not a permanent one. Turning on and off device, logging in and out of Nook, logging out and in of your wi-fi, deleting and reinstalling.... NOT a solution.  In your case (since none of these work), what about syncing ipad to mac, then seeing if you can download?  Just an idea since that seems yet to be suggested.


                        Not very stable, BN!

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                    I, too, have experiences this "We're Sorry...cannot download.." error on oth my iphone and ipad at various times.  It is ridicullous that I have to restart my unit, or delete and reinstall Nook app. There is no rhyme nor reason. I have excellent wi-fi.  It can be that it downloads on ipad, but not iphone, or vice versa.  Amazon Kindle books are my first choice, as they have proved over and over better reliability with purchases and downloads. I come to bn when I can't fins the Kindle book, or there is a better price at bn, but again, not my first choice.

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                        I, too had this problem on my iphone. After a bit of trial & error I ended up deleting the app and re downloading it from itunes, only to discover that the app has been totally updated (hello B&N it helps if we are notified of these things!) once it was installed I had to RE download ALL of my books, a real pia but it works fine now. My first choice is Amazon Kindle books as well, its fast, stable and lets you know when theres updates to the app.

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                        its easy. Touch the word "nook"  sign out and then re-sign in.  Your books will download