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    The Living Image - reader comments on Facebook

      The Living Image 


      Here are some comments from Elva that she posted on my Facebook as she read the novel.  They are so cute I got her permission to post them:


       - am really enjoying The Living Image! fun, funny (love the buffoonish goon brothers!) only at 20%.
      -well, the novel's climate has changed....the double has developed hormones and memories - and maybe an agenda...The proverbial Plot Thickens
      -Sooo fun!! Kindly brilliant scientist, his greedy, goon lawyer sons, the CIA, KGB, a Japanese ego-maniac, the Yakusa, and a computer twin who gulps Mrs. Butterworth's and likes Creme de Menthe w/soda & crunching roast bones. Funny, Smart. (Took a break for Friday night fun but almost half-way now.) 
      - Living Image: @ 81%. HATE Hashimoto. Disliking Mark. Liking Ivar. Love the goons (for comedy). Has this story been optioned for a film? It needs to be. later! el



      A few days later she gave me a 5 star review.  Love reader comments!