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    NOOK AUTHORS: What's your book blurb? Post it here!

      I love reading short blurbs on books. Here's mine.


      A bullied, stuttering boy gets a ancient bracelet that transforms him into something otherwordly, and leaves him with dark, intrusive thoughts about harming people.




      Wicked Warlock


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          What happens when you receive a guardian angel?
          What if you don't believe you need one?
          What if one wants you removed?

          Claire Grayson is a seventeen year old on the verge of graduating high school. Her mother, now working full time, isn’t home much, her father, an attorney, has always been gone long hours. So now she has learned to take care of her basic needs on her own. Things like taking on tutoring jobs or babysitting for spending money.

          Her best friends were the bright spots that helped to keep her laughing when she thought herself in love only to have her heart broken. After the crash of her heart, it took a while for her to realize that she could and would move on. Just when she did, when she was finally done waiting for him to realize his mistake. When she decided that it was time for her to take a step forward. She meets Sterling Warde.

          Sterling Warde is a Guardian. Someone who goes to people in need and helps them get on in life with a better understanding of living. While with a charge that was ready to take back his own life, Sterling catches a glimpse of Claire and is startled by his strong reaction to her. Puzzled, he follows her. Something about her touched his nerves and stole his breath. When he finally reveals himself to her she is afraid of him and doesn't want him around. But with time and patience, he will work to see her safe.

          There are people out there that want each of them for themselves. Someone who will stop at nothing to have Sterling. Someone who will do anything to claim Claire's affections. Together, Sterling and Claire will dissuade them.

          Some will fall. Some will hurt. And some will...





           Cloud Nine (A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man)  

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            Here's my blurb -


            A begining vampire... A gnawing hunger... A friendly guy... Disaster just a heartbeat away. Newly turned vampire Gerogia can deal with the "dead all day" part, but she definitely wishes the rest of her new lifestyle came with a training manual. Despite all the legends, she cannot turn into a bat at night and finding a vein to suck doesn't come easy. Luckily, she's got a new boyfriend willing to help her. Unluckily, a vampire hunter with a stake may prove at least one myth true: how to kill an undead girl. A new offbeat urban fantasy series from award-winning author Phoebe Matthews.

            Vampire Career  

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              Wizard Heights Book 1: The Vengeance of the Wraith King


              "Just a few miles from a normal neighborhood there lies a place that you can only imagine in your most magical dreams..."

              When Charlie Goodfellow's family moves to a new neighborhood, the last thing the eleven year old is looking for is adventure. But one day when he is exploring a secluded, hilltop retirement community called Wizard Heights, he finds it.

              Up there, old folks glide about in flying recliners, and sip tea to the dulcet tones of string quartets on moonlit nights. But there are more sinister forces at work, too.

              A strange, pale boy called Whitstable befriends Charlie. After Whitstable tells Charlie about a sinister plot involving his cryogenically frozen wizard grandfather and a mysterious Egyptian Idol of Thebes, Charlie is plunged headlong into an adventure that will take him deep beneath the cobwebby catacombs of the retirement community, and into the palaces of the eclectic luminaries of Wizard Heights.

              The story gallops along at an unstoppable pace, taking many fascinating twists and turns along the way. Wonderful characters are to be found here—action, adventure, magic, and mystery too.

              Download and read the first installment of this new, magical adventure series, today!


              For ages 11 and up.


              Wizard Heights Book 1  

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                The Mysterious Case of Doctor Octavius Plum's Incredible Ever After Machine


                When British children, Jennifer and Timothy Goodhew visit their grandfather on the isle of St. Mary's, they are surprised to find him missing. In his place they find a wily, old pirate captain, who has taken control of their grandfather's manor and its servants.


                The captain puts the children to work—Timothy in the tumbledown graveyard at the end of the garden, and Jennifer within the manor itself. Naturally, the children are concerned about their missing grandfather and begin to investigate his disappearance.


                In the course of their investigations, they discover that the garden surrounding the manor has become wildly overgrown. Furthermore, they are told that entrance to their grandfather's laboratory is strictly forbidden. Undaunted, the children continue their investigations, and in so doing, discover a remarkable secret and a diabolical plot that will change their lives forever.


                This novel will, in turn, warm your heart and send chills down your spine. It leads the reader on an unforgettable journey through an eerie manor, an overgrown garden, a tumbledown graveyard, and to a gripping conclusion. An adventure story and a mystery, it is a page-turner through and through—one that is enjoyed by children (ages 9 and up) and adults alike.


                The Mysterious Case of Doctor Octavius Plum's Incredible Ever After Machine  



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                  Hello Readers,


                  I’d like to suggest the following Thrillers:


                  QUESTION 1) Can lawyers actually talk themselves to death? The answer lies within the pages of THE SHRUNKEN HEAD MURDERS.


                  The Shrunken Head Murders is available for $0.99. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/The-Shrunken-Head-Murders/Charles-Shea/e/2940012202369


                  QUESTION 2) Should a Criminal Defense Attorney try to win an acquittal for a client they know is guilty? DEFENDING EVIL addresses this very question.


                  Defending Evil is also available for $0.99. http://gan.doubleclick.net/gan_click?lid=41000000034861501&pubid=21000000000234380


                  Charles Shea – Author of The Shrunken Head Murders and Defending Evil

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                    Rose is married to Trevor Dunn, who has been unfaithful in the past. The world drops in on Rose when she realizes he's doing it again. She has a dear friend, Ethan, who may or may not have died in an accident. As Rose pieces the puzzle together, she embarks upon a journey of self-discovery, learning about herself and what she wants for her life. This is a literary women's fiction piece.

                    Leaves of the Fall  

                    • 7. Re: NOOK AUTHORS: What's your book blurb? Post it here! - Mumbo Jumbo Circus


                      When the enigmatic Ringmaster asks 15-year-old Evanja (Evan) Leane to run away and join the circus, she says yes. Anywhere’s got to be better than foster home Number Eight. Evan learns that this ragtag circus, a haven for throwaway teens, relies on more than spectacle and illusion. This circus is built on magic. Each of the teens possesses a donvrai, a true gift, that manifests only in the presence of the Ringmaster’s mysterious Ju-Ju. Unlike many of the other teens who must wait for their donvrai to emerge, Evan’s gift surfaces on her first night: she can read horses’ minds. This would be totally awesome except she has been deathly afraid of horses since foster home Number Three. But circus is a dying art. If Evan wants to save her beloved, new-found home, she must concoct a brilliant horse act that will bring in the crowds. And she’d better get over herself and get on with it fast, because there’s a traitor close to the Ringmaster who will stop at nothing to make sure she she doesn’t succeed.

                      Illustrations will appear in color on color devices. Otherwise in B&W.

                      Contains: some swearing. Recommended for age 14 and up.Mumbo Jumbo Circus


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                        Shimmerspell: A Faerie Tale Girl Novella, #1 (YA Paranormal / Urban Fantasy)

                        When sixteen-year-old Jensen Meadows finds herself caught in the middle of an ancient faerie war, she soon learns that faeries aren't made of sparkly goodness. They're vicious. And worse, they're after her. With the help of Liam Casey, she delves into their world to find her missing sister and begins to suspect that her whole life has been nothing more than a faerie tale. But what if the truth is worse?


                        Limerick: A Faerie Tale Girl Novella, #2

                        Jensen hoped she’d never need Shimmerspell again. But now someone is stalking her, someone claiming to be the Lady of the Lake. To make matters worse, witches and dragons have come out to play. And Jensen must figure out how to harness her power and accept her destiny before she ends up losing everyone she loves.   


                            Shimmerspell                     Limerick












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                          These are two great blurbs. Are thy YA?

                          You can do the add product and have your cover and a link  in your post.

                          I had it search in ebooks and it came right up.

                          Good luck with the book.

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                            Strayer, yes they are. Thanks for the tip and good luck with your books as well. :smileyhappy:

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                              Here's my very brief blurb on Nook.  It's a relationship book, but not the average romance.


                              "When worlds collide." That's the phrase that comes to mind for suburban single mom Jenna meets ruggedly handsome actor Kinsey Sutton. It's obvious he's falling for her, and she has no problem with him either, but geography is just one of the things that seems to get in the way.





                              Still trying to figure out best way to market/promote.

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                                If you figure out how to promote ebooks, let me know.

                                A kid book is very hard. Not many kids, if any, see it.

                                You can, and I know I'm repeating, have everyone see the cover of your book along with the link.

                                Do a reply to a message, click on add product, search in ebooks, type in the name of your book and click on image and link. It's easy and fun.

                                Best of luck with your book.

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                                  Here's my beach read.

                                  The Medicinal Martini  


                                  After a sanitarium stretch in Europe, easy-on-the-eyes gumshoe Dusty Darling is sailing back to Manhattan but has his rest cut short with an assignment from a badly disfigured passenger. That case draws him into a possible murder, mysterious disappearance, and rash of jewel thefts, as he fights off mal de mer in a fog of medicinal martinis.

                                  No stranger to the ladies, he finds romance in his attraction to one woman and fascination with another, while he reluctantly assumes the identity of a popular actor for a stagestruck teen. A dotty colonel, stalking stowaway, gigolo rival, clipper rescue, and sleep disorders all add to the fun, as Dusty lands at a moral crossroads in this mid-century mystery.


                                  I have a trailer for this at www.vdbooks.com.


                                  I have two other "beach read" Nook ebooks on bn.com, too, and their trailers are also at the above link.



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                                    Re: Shadowbrook Manor and other titles new on the NOOK
                                    Hello all!

                                    My name is Shannon Bailey.  I am an author of contemporary/historical fiction with a bit of mystery and romance and always a twist!




                                    Shadowbrook Manor   - A cont/hist/ghost tale. 

                                    Rated WBD (Wholesome but Dark)

                                    Samantha Morgan's husband had a secret.

                                    One that was revealed only after his death.

                                    One that left her more angry than heartbroken.

                                    One that led her to the historic Mackinac Island in Michigan.

                                    To a dark house with a dark past . . . And haunted by a dark ghost.

                                    WARNING: Readers do not scour these pages for things that cause fear and fright. This is a tale of subtle ghostly happenings and romantic delight.





                                    The Haunted Hillerman House   - A cont/hist romance with a cozy mystery feel.

                                    Rated WBD (Wholesome but DarK)

                                    Secret messages. Family secrets. A Halloween night trip to the family crypt.

                                    WARNING: Readers do not be fooled by the title of this book. It is not your typical horror story it is one with a hook. A complicated telling of love and romance, that led to murder from just one dance.







                                    The Unwilling  - A dramatic romantic vampire saga.

                                    RATED MSR (Mature Supernatural Romance)

                                    Twin Brothers. Both Twins. One good. One evil . . . One woman.











                                    Her Knight With a Shining Star   - A n old-fashioned western romance.

                                    Rated WBD (Wholesome but Dark)

                                    U.S. Marshal arrived in New Castle Colorado on business, but stayed for the promise of a mere kiss from the beautiful Renee McCoy.









                                    For additional information, trivia, photos and excerpts on these titles and my next project, please feel free to visit www.baileysbooksonline.net. Or follow me on twitter @MysteryWriter7


                                    Thank you and happy reading!



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