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    PC Ereader, books don't import

      I have quite a collection of .pdb ebooks, having had the Ereader.com version of the software for ages now.  I'm testing out the B&N version before getting my nook.


      When I try to add one of my previously-owned books to my library, B&N Ereader goes through the motions, asks me if I want to import the book to my "locker", and even asks for my unlock information (name and cc#) ... but the book never shows up in the library.


      Can someone point me to a step-by-step to show me if I'm doing something wrong?  I'm just clicking to add the book and following the reader's cues.


      Also, if I'd like to simply move/copy my books into a folder that the B&N Ereader can read, what folder am I looking for?  I've tested it with "My B&N Ebooks" but no joy.



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          Were these eBooks purchased from Barnes & Noble?  The eReader for the PC is only compatible with eBooks from Barnes & Noble.com. 



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            You can't do that.


            You need to download the eReader.com reader as well.  


            It will read eReader.com books as well as Fictionwise.com books, and perhaps a few more.

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              I own a Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet and an HTC Inspire Android Phone. I converted over to android over a year and half ago from the reply to this particular forum thread. At first I went to ereader dot com and tried to get them to work with me. Their "BETA" version in November of last year had been at version 1.0.39 for lord only knows how long. Now, I believe it has been it has been at that version for over a year and a half.

              Here is the response they replied to me with.


              "Hi John, Our Android version of eReader is a Beta version and does not support Honeycomb, the 3.0 and higher versions. We have not announced plans for any new version of Android eReader. I will pass your feedback onto our development team.


              Thanks! Best Regards,

              Lynn e Reader.com Support Team"


              OK... As I had been back and forth with them through a few emails, In November of 2011, I decided to approach Barnes and Noble on the issue. Barnes and Noble bought both fictionwise and ereader.com in 2009 by the way. Barnes and Noble's reply was polite but to the point on the issue. Here is the meat of the reply:


              "Although Fictionwise and eReader.com are Barnes & Noble companies, they maintain separate download and customer service procedures.

              While I understand your frustration with their applications for your Android device, unfortunately there is nothing we can do in regards updating the Beta versions."


              The previous quote was received from:


              Customer Service Management - Digital Support

              Barnes & Noble


              Conculsion: Basically those of us that can not get the books to open/unlock in ereader dot com's "BETA" app (the one they appear to not give a hoot about as it has been in "BETA" for at least a year and a half) are stuck and have no way of opening our books on our android device. Ah Well... Live and Learn. From other people I have conversed with, the only conclusion that we subscribers can draw is that ereader dot com has no intention of bringing their Android Software up to date. If anyone knows of a way I can import my books successfully on my PC in to another format that I can open on my Andriod Tablet, I would love to know about it. It would be greatly appreciated.


              John P Harper