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    PC eReader unable to synchronize


      I recently purchased an eBook and then downloaded the Desktop eReader for my PC; I was able to download the eBook and eReader just fine, but when I try to sign in to the eReader with my B&N account info, it signs in to the server but then it gets stuck synchronizing. I contacted CS, but they told me it might be because I didn't have the most recent version and told me to upload it from the website. I have the version which is the one from the eBooks website and I uninstalled, downloaded, and repeated this process probably four times. The same thing keeps happening and the eReader just sits there, saying it is synchronizing. I am very confused and need some help, and I would very much like to read my eBook sometime soon.




      ps--I am sorry if I am stating a problem that has happened before, but I have been searching through this forum for something to help me and haven't found anything, and I am very tired of looking.

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          You are not alone. I have the same problem. If they expect me to have to jump through all these hoops and then it still won't work......well, guess again B&N. Here's some advice.....don't release a product until the MAJOR bugs are worked out. This is a MAJOR bug. It all works as advertised on my iPod Touch, but not the PC.

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            Usually this is due to a differenct in your info as entered in the web site as compared to the Desktop Reader.


            Some report going to the web site and re-entering all of the login info over again helps, and make sure you have a default credit card selected.


            Then double check the settings in the e-reader.


            But also don't discount the possibility of some firewall / anti virus software disallowing the EReader to access the internet.

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                I did try making an exception for the eReader, so it was allowed through my firewall, but that still did not work. These are a lot of hoops to jump through.

                Consequently, I decided to look elsewhere for the eBook and bought it at another site and downloaded the Microsoft Reader, which worked just fine. I was able to find, download, and read my book within about 15 minutes.

                Luckily, the eBook I bought from Barnes and Noble was small and about three dollars, but from what I understand I will not be seeing that money back. I will consider this a lesson learned and the three dollars my charitable contribution to Barnes and Noble--in the hope that any sort of financial support will help them to figure out the technical difficulties with their eReader.

                But between ya'll and myself, I will not be buying another eBook from Barnes and Noble. Before this, I preferred the tactile experience of holding a real book in my hands as I read curled up on the couch. Now, it also seems more economical in the long run to just stick with the real thing.

                Thanks for all of your help.