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    Help with Balckberry reader please.

      I installed the reader just fine on my BB Bold 9000.  I have no trouble downloading and reading some samples from B&N.


      I have a Epub book that I bought from another source and would like to read it on my BB.  I tried putting it in the BN folder with the other samples, but then  I get an 'Unable to Sync' error, so I deleted it.


      I installed Calibre and converted it to .pdb and put it in the same folder, and got the same error.


      Is there something special I have to do to side load a book to read in the BN ereader on the blackberry?


      Thank you,


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          The current version (1.0.7) of B&N's ereader for BB cannot read epub format books.  There is also the problem of DRM, converting a book with no drm from epub to pdb will not stop the ereader from trying to use the B&N DRM scheme.  Which of course results in the book not opening.


          As to the "unable to sync" error, have you tried rebooting the BB after loading the book?  I occasionally get a "media card removed, unable to sync" message after directly adding media to the sd card but rebooting takes care of it.