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    Please add an e-reader for Linux users!

      I am delighted that you have provided e-book software for Personal Compouters that run Windows and Macintosh OS, as well as a growing number of cell phones and the like. Note that you are at this point well ahead of Amazon which insists that I spend $299 on a Kindle before I can purchase one of their books. Equally importantis the ability to read the public domain books that Google has scanned without charge!



      Unfortunately, I strongly prefer to use the Linux OS, and in particular the current version of Ubuntu. Indeed, the easiest format for Ubuntu and the many other variants of the Debian Distribution of Linux is a .deb file.


      At the very least, I request that you can work with the maintainers of the WINE software (www.winehq.org) so that the next version of your Windows software will properly use Wine to run on all Linux machines. (The current version of your software installs on WINE 1.1.26 but fails when opening a book file)!





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          The fact that the Barnes and Noble ereader fails to work on Linux is particularly strange since the ereader software from ereader.com works fine on Ubuntu linux 8.04 and 9.04 under both wine and Crossover Office.  The BN software is entirely based on the ereader.com software since BN now owns ereader.com as a result of its purchase of fictionwise.com.  Incidentally, it appears that the current ereader software will permit Linux users to read books purchased from the BN ebook store.  The more interesting question is why Barnes and Noble would want to take a perfectly good piece of software that actually runs on Linux and somehow disable it to disenfranchise the Linux customers in their customer base from using their software.  Sounds more than a bit counterproductive to me!  Until they fix this problem, I will continue buying my books from ereader.com and fictionwise.com.  While BN owns both, that move will at least impact the bottom line of the new BN store.  I encourage other Linux users to do the same.
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            Definately needs a Linux reader version!


            It would be great for the large Linux community especially in Europe.  I would certainly prefer to read on my Ubuntu Linux Netbook vs the poor performance and small screen on my Blackberry.


            I'm sure anyone responding to this post would be more than willing to beta test a Linux version.

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              I would like to add my two cents. Yes, please add a reader for Linux! I have an Asus netbook which runs GNU Linux. It would be great to have a reader that is compatible with that.
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                I would like to add my $.02 to this discussion...


                The street cred' that BN would get for releasing an e-reader on Linux would be great. I would suspect that many tech blogs would report on the fact, and the free advertising would more then offset the cost of writing a native client, although I wouldn't say no to an officially supported wine port either :smileyhappy:

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                  +1 for Linux support

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                    Agreed!  Please release ebook reader software for Linux.  I use CentOS.

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                      Yes to ereader for Linux!

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                        @Phil_K, well that is disappointing, but not surprising. 


                        I have to agree with stanleyk, in the least if BN could fix the Windows client so that it could run under WINE that would be a big boost. I will keep my fingers crossed maybe the next release will just work.


                        I know there are a lot of linux users out there and the numbers keep increasing every day especially with the netbook market.  It would be nice to know the actual numbers of customers interested in the ereader that use linux. 


                        Maybe BN should put a poll up before their next development cycle and see what device people are wanting to use with ereader.  Or perhaps we all should just get a nook :smileywink:

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                          I'de like to add a request for not only a linux compatible reader, but an ARM-linux compatible one for devices like Nokia N900 and the new line of ARM based netbooks and "smartbooks" (many of which run Ubuntu).

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                            Yes +1 count me in.

                            Would love to be able to read B&N e-book on my NetBook with Ubuntu.


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                              I also would purchase ebooks if they were available for reading on LInux. For now I'll just download the free ones and read them on wife's mac.

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                                You'll be pleased to know that wine has fixed this bug, and as of version 1.2 the eReader works. I haven't tested it thoroughly, but everything seems to be ok.


                                Now, B&N staff: don't screw this up. It's not hard to do regression testing. You're getting linux support for free.

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                                  +1 here for native linux support.
                                  On the positive note, I successfully run the latest eReader on Ubuntu 10.04 with wine 1.3

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                                    I'm another buyer who wants support for eReader on Lunix.


                                    I'm not likely to purchase another ebook here unless it becomes easier to read them on my desktops or notebooks running Linux than it is to read it on my old Palm z22.

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                                      Is there any way to be automatically emailed about Linux nook apps?

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                                          While I don't have a Nook device I do have both the B&N Desktop Reader (now called Nook for PC) and the Nook Study installed on my Mepis 8.5 system (it's a Debian variant and also Ubuntu-software friendly) using wine 1.2. The Nook Study is my favorite of several ereaders I've installed this way (not the Kindle app, by the way, which doesn't work) because of its two-page spread, the ability to read two books side by side, its note-taking facility, and its apparent ability to use any font, not just the ones supplied with the reader. Both B&N readers do well with free ebooks from B&N and elsewhere, but the DRM scheme doesn't agree with my setup, as neither reader will load a book I purchased from B&N (my first, actually), and won't read B&N's samples. Of course both work well on my Windows laptop, and there's no problem with DRM stuff there.

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                                              I, too, would love to see a native Linux app for the BN  reader for PC.  Or at least something that would run under Crossover/Wine.  I can install the app and it pulls up my library but it's very buggy (I'm unable to actually open/read a book).  Urghh...it's so annoying.  But I still love Ubuntu.

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                                                Wine will not help in some cases. Although the app works on both of my Linux installations, we use proxy servers at work, and there is no easy way to configure proxy servers in Wine. Apparently, the Nook reader relies on Windows' network settings, and there is no good way to do that in Wine.

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                                              B&N *really* needs to do something about this. It's just ugly that B&N is perfectly willing to use Linux to make their product development easier... and then completely ignores Linux users. I'll be purchasing my books elsewhere from now on.

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                                                  The NOOK team is working to support many different platforms in the future, but we have not made any specific announcements yet on Linux.


                                                  As an FYI, please note that our eBooks FAQ page has a section titled NOOK App under FAQ categories (see link below):


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                                                      I may have figured this out.  The PC version of the Nook eReader app will run on Linux if installed using Wine 1.2 or higher, but some of you have reported that while you can install the app and download books, the books will not display.  Try this:


                                                      When you download a book, it is stored in your home directory in a folder called /My Barnes & Noble eBooks/username.  For some reason, the eBooks are downloaded with a .tmp file extension.  Make sure the Nook app is NOT running, then rename the eBook files, changing the extension from .tmp to .epub.  Restart the Nook app, go to your library, and the renamed book files should now open normally.


                                                      Just stumbled onto this and haven't tested it out extensively.  Give it a try and post your resuts if it works for you.

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                                                          Thank you, WJanowski.  After a lot of searching I found your tip about changing the suffix of the downloaded files.  That worked for me.  Below is a short shell script that changes the suffixes of all files under the My Barnes & Noble eBooks directory.  I put this in a file named bnrename.sh then ran "chmod u+x bnrename.sh" to make it executable.  Then I ran it by typing "./bnrename.sh".  This works on Fedora; other distributions may put the bash binary in another location (perhaps /usr/bin/bash).  If it doesn't work then run "which bash" to find it. 




                                                          cd ~/"My Barnes & Noble eBooks"
                                                          for file in $(find . -name '*.tmp'); do
                                                              mv $file $(echo $file | sed 's/\.tmp/.epub/')

                                                          exit 0




                                                          If B&N provided an open source Nook book reader then we could simply fix it to save the files with the correct suffix in the first place.  If they don't want to provide a native Linux application then perhaps they could provide a proprietary binary DRM library (libsomething.so) to plug into Linux community developed open source applications.


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                                                              TBurns and WJanowski,


                                                              Thank you!  It works for me.


                                                              Some of us likely never will be using native Windows and don't particularly like WINE.


                                                              I'm with TBurns on this.  Just toss a DRM library over the wall and be done with it.  There are already better open source readers (DRM excepted) out there now anyhow.


                                                              B&N would be better off working on the NOOK firmware.  Two of the e-books I have bought from them so far are apparently so large (or so something??) that the Nook V1.4 can't swallow them. One ends prematurely and has very very slow paging performance and the other can't finish loading before the NOOK goes to sleep!  If not for that I'd likely never have discovered how _interesting_ their pc e-reader is.



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                                                                  *bump* for native Linux app!


                                                                  If anyone's having problems with Nook for PC in Linux, I'd say try using the latest version of Wine. I run Nook for PC (just updates yesterday) Ubuntu 10.10 with Wine 1.2.1. and have only one little problem: I have to rename the ebook files when they download from .tmp to .epub to be able to open them.


                                                                  I've tried the apps of other ebook distributors and none work as well in Linux as Nook. I love Calibre but it can't open drm ebooks, so I stick with my Nook app when I want to read an ebook on my laptop. 


                                                                  I think the best deal would be to have an Android tablet running both Nook & Kindle apps so I could read from both stores. But until I can spring for a new tablet and decent Android tablets become available (which might be a long while), I'm sticking with my Linux laptop, and would love to have a Linux Nook app.

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                                                                      Another Ubuntu user here. I also would like to see a native Linux reader.


                                                                      I own a Nook. I've read a couple of my books on Linux using Wine and the PC ebook reader, and  I've tried reading a couple on my Mac OS X desktop computer. Every one of the readers: Nook, PC, and Mac have a totally different look-and-feel, different page display options, etc. Why not develop a Java-based reader the will look and function exactly the same on every platform? Only one code base to maintain that way too :smileyhappy:

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                                                            I'll add my vote to this. I am unable to use the library feature of the Nook because I can't use overdrive  and refuse to run windows (and _really_ refuse to allow windows to interact with the net!!!) so I can't use ADE. I have already emailed overdrive to suggest a linux version. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can use the library feature?

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                                                              This is another bump for a native nook client on Linux.  I will say that there is one significant hurdle in a monetary paradigm:  cost.  While a universal install can be made by packing it in a generic .bin executable, a 64-bit and 32-bit variant will be necessary unless it was feasible to do this using python (because Java isn't really a good option).  Each binary that needs to be maintained adds to the cost of offering this service.  While there many of us on Linux demanding a native nook client, I would be surprised if there are enough of us to make it worth their while.  To that end, I'd be willing to pay a $10 fee for use of a Linux client to subsidize the cost of development.


                                                              For me, the Windows reader installed fine in Wine, I just can't sign in which obviously makes this application useless.


                                                              I own a nook (Gen 1 w/ 3G) and I love it.  I also use nook on my Android tablet and on my Windows workstation for a handful of titles that are work relevant. 

                                                              But my notebook is with me wherever I go (even more often than the hardware nook), and my laptop runs Linux (Fedora 15).

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                                                                  ***Nook for PC working well under Wine 1.22 w/ 32-bit Ubuntu 10.04 ***


                                                                  Don't know what all the fuss is about.


                                                                  Originally, based on reports that NOOK did not work under Wine, I attempted to use eCalibre.  This worked fine with samples, but could not handle DRM.  I played with some scripts that claimed to circumvent DRM, then installed NOOK PC under Wine and it is working great.


                                                                  When you download the executable, you may need to make it executable (for Unix noobs:  $chmod 755 <filename> )


                                                                  After that simple step it installed under Wine and NOOKPC is working great.  No problems connecting to B&N server, downloading purchases, and DRM works great.



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                                                                  I would like to add my voice to the others on this topic and please ask you to release your Nook Reader software for Linux just as you have for Windows and Mac OS.

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                                                                    Just for your general information, since people sometimes have trouble with the Nook Reader for PC running on top of GNU/Linux (commonly Linux) using Wine (some networking error or such), Linux users can go to




                                                                    and download Nook Study for PC.


                                                                    that installs and works fine running on top of Wine on both Fedora and Ubuntu. Nook Study also supports the "page perfect" books that the Nook PC Reader software did not support