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    Your Books Are Being Copied

      A few months back, we published an update to a computer how-to book on Amazon, and got an odd email before it was published. KDP said they wanted to confirm the rights because the book was published on a tech blog (and not a spammy blog--a rather big one). As it turned out, someone had copied the books word-for-word and posted it as several blogs. It had been there over three months.
      After this, we began looking for away to monitor the Internet to make sure we could stop it quickly if it happened again. There are plenty of websites that scan books once, but none that continually monitor the Internet in an automated way--upload only one time and it's always being scanned until you tell it to stop. So we created it.
      If you are concerned your books are being copied, we'd love for you to try it out and give us your feedback--trials are, of course, free. Visit www.PiracyTrace.com to find out more.