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    Error That No One Is Fixing...

      When publishing the first book in my series, I wanted to have the book everywhere, including BN and Nook.  On 5/21 I tried uploading the book and it worked, but when I tried to put it on sale in the store, I got an error.


      "Our staff have been informed of this issue and will begin looking for a solution shortly. Try refreshing the page or contact us directly."


      I contacted them and on 5/23 they said they were fixing it and it should be fixed shortly.  On 5/28 I tried again and got the same error.  So I replied again asking if they knew when it was going to be fixed.  No reply.  A week later I tried again, no error this time, instead of the error my green "put for sale" button turned gray and said Processing.  I thought YAY It's working!!!  Then the next day I looked again to see if it was done processing anddddddd, back to green button "put on sale" lol and when I pressed the  button I got the errror again "Our staff have been informed of this issue and will begin looking for a solution shortly. Try refreshing the page or contact us directly." Oh okay.

      So I emailed them again and told them it was processing, then not processing, and now I got the error again, again... (again!).  I finally get a reply back that they are sorry for the error and they are working on it haha.  Um...  Now here it is June 20th, no other reply, still getting the error and no one seems to know what is going on or why I am getting this error.

      I am using the newest version of Chrome, but I also tried IE and FF as well just in case!  My computer is new.  The upload went fine and had no errors at all and was quite simple actually.

      Does anyone know what the issue could be?  Or if I can talk to someone else that won't send me the same canned message over and over again?  Any help would be appreciated.  

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          Wow, I wish I could give you some sort of help, but I'm at a loss.

          Was the file you uploaded a verified epub, or was it a .doc(x)? I ask because sometimes, the simplest fix is often your golden ticket. If it were an epub, then again, I don't know what to tell you. But if it were a .doc then you might want to convert it and then try again.


          Sorry I couldn't be of more help :smileyfrustrated:




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            You say you have a new computer. I have found that sometimes it works easier to have the file in .doc format rather than .docx (just do a file, save as, word 97-2003).


            Also, when your book gets stalled like that, it often is an endless circle. You are probably better off starting again. Upload everything as if it was a new book. If they both end up eventually going through, then you can just delete one. However, this can often work to at least get your book up there.


            And whatever you do, for heaven's sake don't look at the document or try to touch it after you've uploaded it to B&N. Their program does NOT work and if you open the file, it will often scramble things around. You will end up with an unreadable file that probably will publish, leaving all your family and friends to think you don't know how to use a keyboard.


            Good luck.


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              I have had the same issue with the last 2 books that I tried to publish through NOOK Press. My last eBook has been stuck in limbo for 3 weeks now. I sent 2 emails and had no reply. After the third email that I sent to the support team, I finally recieved an email today that said, "Sorry for the delay. We are still investigating this issue and appreciate your continued patience"


              But why is it taking so long? This is the third title that has taken numerous weeks to be published through NOOK Press. I am losing money daily because of this software issue. I don't have this problem with Amazon, Kobo, or any other self-publishing site.