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    My eBook doesn't allow users to change font sizes

      I have published an eBook on Nook Press using an ePub file, and it seems that Nook readers and Nook applications won't allow users to change the font size (or margins, or line spacing).  I've tested on a Nook GlowLight, and the Nook reader on iOS and Android.  All three have this problem.  I have used ePubCheck to validate the files, and it does not report any problems.  I have also published the same ePub file to other online services with no problem.  The ePub file works fine on other e-readers and all the other eBook software I've tried (on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android). The problem feels like it is unique to the Nook environment.


      Does anyone know what I need to do within my ePub file to make the font size feature work correctly?