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    Typical Chat Support Transcript

      Secure Connection

      You are now connected with Janus from Nook Press

      Me: Hello,The description for my title XXXXX has updated on the website, but an old description is still displaying in the Nook Book store when someone looks up the book on their Nook. How long until that description updates to match the website?

      Janus: Hi!

      Janus: Thank you for contacting NOOK Press Chat Support. My name is Janus.

      Me: Hello

      Janus: I understand that the update of your book description is still not reflecting on BN.com. I apologize for the inconvenience.

      Me: The description is CORRECT on the website. It's WRONG, however, in the Nook Store when someone accesses it from the Nook.

      Janus: I see. When did you updated the description of your book?

      Me: About two weeks ago.

      Janus: I see. How did you update the description?

      Me: In my project area. What I'm saying is that it is right on the website. But when someone uses their Nook to access the store, they see an OLD description. How long does it take for the two descriptions to match? Why is there any difference at all?

      Janus: I see. Sorry for the confusion.

      Janus: I'm sorry, but your question requires escalation to the NOOK Press Business Team by email. I will forward this chat session to them for review. You can expect to receive a response in approximately two business days.

      Me: Are you kidding me?

      Me: You're going to pass the buck?

      Me: I'll NEVER hear back.

      Janus: Rest assured that I will forward your concern to our NOOK Press Business Team. They will be able to help you with this matter.

      Janus: Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused.


      Me: No they won't. They'll come back and say there's no problem. Worthless.

      Me: Where are you, Bangalore?

      Janus: I’m a representative of Barnes and Noble Customer Service Group for NOOK Press Support. Our Corporate Offices is located in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, which employs more than 100 customer care professionals. I’m part of a small group who serves the Lyndhurst operation and I am physically located in the Philippines.

      Me: You all aren't very good at what you do. You can NEVER do anything.


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          Of course they're physically located in the Philippines!!

          It would be too much to ask that we speak to people actually in the US. Not to mention that we speak to someone who can, at the moment, help us when we need it instead of passing us off to a phantom group of people that are probably no more real than the gnomes living in my backyard!


          Thanks for posting! I needed the laugh! :smileyvery-happy: