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    Stuck in Processing Limbo

      I uploaded a manuscript on September 26th. It is now October 1st and it is still "processing."


      I have contacted B&N customer service three times, but each time the rep just seems more and more unwilling to help. I have been told to "wait for an e-mail from the business center," and when I asked if they could let me know what the issue was so that I could fix it if it was on my end, I was told "Kindly wait for the e-mail. please."


      Apparently, my first e-mail was not received by anyone who could help me, so now I'm on day four of waiting for a clue as to what is actually wrong with my MS.


      Is anyone else having this issue? The MS uploaded to KDP and SW just fine.


      EDIT: Title has finally been published.

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           It is nothing you can do to fix. It's all on BN's side.  Good to hear that your issue is now resolved :smileyhappy:

          If it were to happen again, patience is really your only path. NP's customer service, and I use that term lightly!, leaves a lot to be desired. Now, unless you want to upload a completely new project of the same manuscript and hope it goes through faster than the first. And then when, if, the other finally goes live you just remove it from sale.



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            I may do this with the one I'm trying to publish now. Submitted early yesterday morning, 12:43 p.m. PST here and still isn't live. Worried it'll end up like the one I complained about, which was a five day wait. =/

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              My self-editing eBook has been stuck in limbo for 3 weeks. And just today I recieved an email from support and it said, "Sorry for the delay. We are still investigating this issue and appreciate your continued patience" But why is it taking so long? This is the second or third title that has taken numerous weeks to be published through NOOK Press. I am losing money daily becuase of this software issue.