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    State Attorney General notifed of sales glitches

      I've been watching daily sales closely for a while and taking screen shots of the appearing and disappearing sales numbers.  I think I now have enough information to take this fiasco to our state attorney general. I'm going to draft a preliminary letter first as I have no idea if investigating internet sales is something a state attorney general can do but I'm going to give it a shot.  If there are any other North Carolina authors here that would like to add their own experiences to this, drop me a line at ribbons55@yahoo.com

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          You can do what you want, but I do not believe that is a good idea at all. Technical difficulties are not necessarily anyone's fault. And right now, a lot of folks do not have paychecks coming in. Sales are slow everywhere. Reporting this to Attorney General seems a bit ...well a waste of time. I do not believe Barnes and Noble is trying to rip anyone off. And it certainly won't do you any favors.